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At Capital Project Solutions in Sacramento, we have the expertise to manage your construction projects and help you negotiate all types of construction claims. We also provide consulting, education, and training for you and your contractors, so disputes and even potential legal claims can be prevented in the first place.

Project Guidance & Scheduling

Project Guidance & Scheduling

As a subcontractor on large projects, you know that managing each project and crew can get difficult. Your construction project deserves to be completed with a high amount of accuracy throughout all stages.

Our specialty is to become the liaison between all the contractors that work on your project. As part of our construction claims consulting process, we create a management plan working with all types of contractors to keep them organized, preventing claims before they happen.

We work to get your crew in sync to meet your client's expectations. We can also actively schedule and prioritize your work to give each contractor access to higher levels of insight for the overall project. Giving contractors more construction project access generally leads to improved productivity and better profits for your company. And, we are always available for consultation throughout every step of your project at no additional cost.

Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

Capital Project Solutions has the construction claims consulting experience you need. We work with you to provide customized solutions to avoid costly issues or disputes.

We start by providing deep analysis of your whole project to ensure that time is being spent wisely during every phase. To cut your overhead expenses, we make sure that contractors are properly trained and know how to avoid risks. By providing subcontractor training and workshops as needed, your crews will be aware of potential claims, and will learn to better manage and document their daily responsibilities.

We’ve learned that team building is an important part of any project to avoid any mistakes. Our construction claims consulting representatives provide the backbone and training that your team needs to understand the who, what, where, and why for each project.

Construction Claims Experts

Construction Claims Experts

We have more than 25 years of experience in construction claims consulting, and providing expert testimony at arbitrations and trials. We are also full-fledged litigation consultants, supporting attorneys with compelling analysis when matters go to court. Our assistance early on almost always keeps matters from going that far.

For the few construction claims that cannot be resolved through negotiation, we have the experience to see you through litigation. Successful resolution requires three groups of professionals working together: your field crew and management staff, your accounting department, and your attorney.

As a construction claims consultant, we can help defend claims against you, or prepare and present written claims for additional compensation from your litigation team. We handle impact & delay claims, loss of efficiency claims, change order management, and schedule & delay claims. We also provide powerful data analysis to find supporting evidence for the claim, compiling data clearly for a variety of support evidence.

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We provide you the help you need in training, management, and construction claims consulting. With our help, your construction projects run smoother and you can avoid unnecessary costs or costly disputes. We’re also the experts you want on your side in a dispute in case things don’t go according to plan.

I have had the privilege of working with Dave and Capital Project Solutions for many years. They are very professional, efficient, and cost effective. I highly recommend Capital Project Solutions for their ability in working with contractors large and small to mitigate damages and find solutions for matters related to construction contract disputes.

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